The Intensive Tango Weekend In Paris 2024

Unlock Your Tango Potential: Join Us for a Transformative 3-Day Weekend in Paris!

Improvise without thinking, dance with confidence, express yourself... and meet plenty of friendly tango dancers along the way!

Fast track your tango journey


Before we tell you about this tango-transformative training in Paris, let's talk about who this is really for...

You are a tango dancer, leader or follower, who’s tired of being stuck in your head when you’re dancing and who’s ready to improve the quality of your dancing, move as one with your partner, and dance fluidly. 

Whether you’re:

  • A leader who is thinking too much when you’re dancing and not always sure what to do next, and who know that improving the quality of your dancing is the key to improvising easily with the music
  • A follower who sometimes gets anxious when you’re dancing, wondering if you understand your partner clearly, and looking for ways to express yourself more when you are dancing.
  • A tango dancer who wants to get rid of the need to “do it right”, speed up your rate of improvement and learn how to adapt to new partners.


You’re in the right place!

And we’re going to tell you exactly how the Intensive Tango Weekend in Paris will give you the skills, inspiration and community support on your journey to become an elegant and creative tango dancer faster. 

By the end of the Intensive Tango Weekend 2024,

you will have…


  • Added power to your tango walking 

    And discovered how small alignment changes in your ochos will make you feel less wobbly in your dancing, and make your movements more organic and fluid
  • Developed your ability to connect in the close and open embrace 

    So that your partners love dancing with you

  • Improved your connection and musicality in the tango turns

    And learned how to play with the free leg of the follower to be more creative when you’re dancing
  • Developed your personality in your dancing

    so you can express who you truly are on the dance floor

  • Discovered the different styles of tango music and how to adapt your embrace, steps and decorations to the music

    so that you are in the flow with your partner

  • Received personalised feedback

    on what you need to focus on in the next 2 months after the course to keep improving your tango dancing

  • Joined a community of friendly tango dancers

    Dancers from all over the world who are, like you, highly motivated to improve and want to create a more meaningful connection in the dance

Event details at a glance


  • Dates: 18, 19, 20 May 2024
  • Times: 10 AM to 5PM
  • Address: 69 rue de Turbigot, 75003 Paris, France
  • Limited spaces:  equal number of leaders. & followers
  • You can join with or without a partner

Programme overview

Scroll down for the detailed teaching programme

Day 1: Elegance

  • Session #1: Elevating your tango walk
  • Session #2: Secrets of Connection In The Close & Open Embrace
  • + Guided practica

Times: 10 AM to 5 PM 

Day 2: Creativity

  • Session #3: Elevating your dancing with linearity & the cross-system
  • Session #4: Communication & connection in the circular movements 
  • + Guided practica

Times: 10 AM to 5 PM 

Day 3: Self-expression

  • Session #5: Interpreting the 4 pillars of tango music
  • Session #2: Making your dancing playful by adding suspensions and changes of dynamics
  • + Guided practica

Times: 10 AM to 5 PM 

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A small sample of our amazing alumni...

“I really wanted to get better. I was nervous about being the worst dancer there. But as soon as I got here, it was brilliant. Now, I have a lot more confidence in my dancing. I am in the right frame of mind when I am invited to dance

 - Ali Maxwell



"Before, I lacked confidence.

On the first lesson, I felt I'm in the right place. My tango life has changed completely.

I'm not frightened any longer" 

Phil Carpenter



"The Intensive Tango Weekend solved so much. Now we have a better connection when we're dancing."  

- Doris & Janos



“I love the social aspect, and that we are going to milongas together at night.

You feel more part of the Tango community that exists everywhere in the world. That’s the best bit”

 - Sunny Sribanditmongkol



"My tango dancing was less fluid before and I had problems connecting with my partners. Now I have fixed these aspects of my dancing 

Alessia Vinci



My tango was a bit unpredictable before. I couldn't judge how a particular move would turn out reliably. 

I am finally feeling ok with the close embrace. I'm definitely going to more milongas now. 

- Ben Greener



Detailed programme:

How we’re going to take your tango dancing to the next level fast together 


Session 1

Elevating your tango walk

Here’s what we know for sure: you can’t dance tango fluidly, musically and elegantly if you don't master the tango walk. 

Indeed, we need to make sure you’re creating your dancing on solid foundations. We’ll start our 3-days together with a deep tango walking technique session, where we’ll add power and control to your walk.

This will help you develop precise body awareness so that you are able to “self-correct” when you are dancing with a partner.

We’ll refine your connection in the walk in close embrace, so you are always deeply connected when you dance tango.


  • Finding your own correct posture when walking so you can play more with steps and musicality when you’re dancing 
  • Walking powerfully and with control in the close embrace
  • Step-by-step exercises to feel comfortable when walking in the close embrace
Session 2

Helping you discover the secrets of Connection In The Close & Open Embrace


In this session, we will work on creating your presence in your embrace, making sure your partners always feel comfortable in your arms, and help you communicate better with your partners. We are helping you move as one with your partner and relax, knowing your embrace is comfortable.

If you’ve ever felt worried about whether or not you’re communicating clearly, or if you’re understanding your partner correctly, this session is for you.


  • The 3 styles of embraces and when to use them in the dance

  • The 5 points of connection in the embrace (what they are and when we use them), to help you communicate clearly with your partner. 

  •  How to close and open the embrace smoothly. This will help you keep a sense of connection throughout your dancing, and help you be more precise in your lead and following of complex movements. 

  •  Subtle exchange of energy in the embrace to play with dynamics

    We’ll work on the density of your embrace so you can exchange the movement’s energy with your partner and play with speed, strength and elasticity in your dancing. This will help you be more in tune with the music. 

Followed by: Guided practica to practice with new partners, and get any additional questions answered.

Session 3

Elevating your dancing with linearity & the cross-system

The cross-system is incredibly sophisticated, and creates an even deeper connection between the partners. Even if you’ve never heard of the cross-system as a name, rest assured that you’ve already used it! In this session, we refine together how and when you use that system, to add more “interesting friction” in your tango dancing, and add a sense of contrast to your dancing. 


  • The leader & the follower’s cross-system technique: We’ll break down the leading and following technique so that you understand clearly what to do when you are dancing it, and build the muscle memory.  A point that is often overlooked is that the followers play an active role in the cross system: they need to adapt their embrace, their posture, the way they walk…. in order for the cross system to work. 
  • Moving smoothly from cross to open system: we show you how to switch between parallel and cross-system, so that you can easily add variations to your dancing. 
  • Elevating common steps with the cross-system: we adapt common tango movements to the cross-system technique, so that you understand how to play more with movements you already love.
Session 4

Communication & connection in the circular movements 


In this session, we work on the circularity of your tango dancing, to give you the tools you need when expressing the melodic moments of tango music. 

This will help you create contrast in your dancing between linearity and circularity. As circularity is a key building stone of tango dancing, the balance and relaxation you will find in this session will impact all of your dancing.


  •  The follower’s role in powering the turns: followers play an active role in the circular moments of tango music. We help you improve your balance, and investigate the fine balance followers need to find between powering through the turns and keeping a “following” mindset
  • Using the frame to protect the giro’s dynamics : we investigate how to use the frame of your embrace to be clear and connected in your turns, in order for the bodies to move fluidly and organically as a consequence of the embrace
  • Balance in circular movements: exploring how subtle changes in your posture will impact how grounded you are throughout the dance

Followed by: Guided practica to practice with new partners, and get any additional questions answered.

Session 5

Interpreting the 4 pillars of tango music

In this session, we explore how to interpret the 4 most influential orchestras of tango music. Each have a distinct style, and interpreting them correctly will ensure that you never feel “boring” and can truly express yourself when dancing tango. We adapt your embrace and technique to the different styles of music, and decide which layer of the music you want to dance to. 

Our goal is to help you connect with your partner beyond the physical skills of leading and following, and do so through the music.


  • The 4 most influential orchestras of tango music and how to interpret them: did you know that 4 of the tango orchestras influenced the whole of tango music?  If you can recognize each style, and adapt your dancing to it, then you can interpret all orchestras. 
  • What to do when in the music: we help you recognize the phrasing of the music and identify what movement to do when, in order to be in the flow of the song
  • Choosing which layer of the music to dance to: we help you hear the different layers of tango music, how the most influential orchestras use them, and decide how you want to express them - whether you are a leader or a follower 
Session 6

Making your dancing playful by adding suspensions and changes of dynamics

Creativity in tango is not only about the steps we use... but mostly about the subtle changes of dynamics we add to our dancing.

Whether you're a leader or a follower, inviting your partner to add suspensions or changes the dynamics in your dancing is what makes you a dancer instead of someone who is merely recreating steps. 

We will build on what we learned in session 5 to help you interpret the different layers of the music clearly.

 Here, we make you fully connect with your creativity: reaching this level means that you, as a dancer, are not dancing with your head, thinking about the movements, but are completely guided by the music.


  • How to use the tonicity of the body to play with dynamics in the dance: what this means for your embrace, and how to communicate it with your partner
  • Linking the free leg with the music: understanding how the leader and the follower can delay and speed up the free leg movements in order to express the music differently.  
  • How both the leader and the follower can add suspensions in the music, in order to move as one with the orchestra

Followed by: Guided practica to practice with new partners, and get any additional questions answered.

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


The Intensive Tango Weekend
(A £640 Value)


  • A comprehensive tango technique programme with 6 step-by-step sessions

    showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to transform your tango dancing and move as one with your partner
  • The clear technique tools

    that will give you great balance, a relaxed embrace and feel free to improvise without thinking when you are dancing
  • Personalised feedback with detailed personal answers

    to get all of your questions answered, give you clarity and help you learn faster
  • The secrets of the tango embrace

    to make sure you never feel confused about what is happening in the embrace and clearly communicate with your partner
  • Easy explanations about how to interpret the 4 most influential tango orchestras

    to make your dancing even more unique and help you flow as one with your partner

+ These Bonuses to Help You Confidently Improvise In Your Dancing (Even When You’re Dancing With Someone You Don’t Know) 


Bonus 1

1 online 'Get Your Tango Technique Sorted' workshop

(Live online technique workshop in December 2023 - lifetime access to the recorded video)

Practice your individual technique meaningfully so you can build the correct muscles memory and feel stable and free when dancing socially

(A £75 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • A live online technique workshop with Pablo & Anne - to review all the foundations of tango technique efficiently, feel less wobbly when dancing and speed up your rate of improvement
  • Lifetime access to the recorded video lesson
Bonus 2

3 guided practicas in Paris (one each day) with personalised feedback

Gain confidence by practicing daily in Paris with us after the classes

(A £105 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 3 1-hour practica (one each day) after the sessions, so you can practice with the other participants, ask questions, get personalised feedback and build good tango habits. 
Bonus 3

List of recommended milongas in Paris so you know where to go dancing socially

Make the most of Europe’s most vibrant tango scene and go dancing socially every night with new friends from the Intensive Tango Weekend

What You’ll Get:

  • With over 10 milongas happening every day, Paris is a dream for tango dancers!

  • To help you find the best milonga for you and help you go dancing socially with the other ITW participants, we'll share the list of milongas we recommend you attend during the ITW

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Intensive Tango Weekend 

  • 3-days of Step-by-step Tango Transformation Training in Central Paris with personal corrections

  • 1 online live tango technique workshop with lifetime access to the recorded video

  • 3 Guided Practicas  in Paris with personalised feedback

  • List of recommended milongas in Paris so you can make the most of Europe's most vibrant dancing scene

Normal price: £820


But when you enroll today, you’ll be registered to everything for just:

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The 'Improvise Without Thinking' Guarantee

Plus you are backed by a risk-free full-refund guarantee.

Let us say this upfront.

The Intensive Tango Weekend is the most comprehensive, step-by-step, tango training program for tango lovers who are excited and committed about taking their tango to the next level and dancing with confidence.

Our community is filled with friendly and motivated tango leaders and followers from all over the world who are working to improve their dancing. When you join, you’ll be part of this special group. 

Now, here’s the kicker. 

We can not refund your investment if, for any reason, you don't come to the Intensive Tango Weekend.

BUT, here's our promise to you:

After the 1st day of the Intensive Tango Weekend, you’ll have gone through the 1st 2 sessions. 

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to find great balance and posture in your walk, and improve the way you communicate and connect in the embrace. 

If by then you don’t feel that the Intensive Tango Weekend will help you reach your tango goals, come and see us at the end of day 1 (during the first practica) and we’ll refund your investment.

What people asked before signing up to the Intensive Tango Weekend in Paris

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Still thinking about it? 

You should give the Intensive Tango Weekend a risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following.

You want to have fun when you dance tango socially… like… really badly.


Whether you’re not dancing as much as you’d like when you’re dancing socially, are thinking too much when you are dancing, you’re fully aware that you don’t have the confidence in your tango technique to fully enjoy your tango nights.


More importantly, you want to get rid of the need to “do it right” so that comparison, frustration or lack of clarity stop stealing the joy of dancing from you. 


That’s why you’re motivated beyond measure to invest 3 days in understanding and practicing the right tango technique tools that will give you freedom, elegance and creativity in your dancing for life.

We personally can not wait to meet you and teach you over these 3 days of fun!

Dancing tango has transformed our lives. 


We know first-hand what it feels like to feel stuck in your tango journey, look for answers, and wonder if you’re too demanding with yourself or if it’s too late for you to become a good dancer. 

And we also know that feeling comfortable, elegant and creative tango dancing is only a matter of practicing meaningfully and of connecting with the music.


More than anything, we want to share that with you. 


If you’re a tango dancer, leader or follower, who is highly motivated to improve, then you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to train with us at the Intensive Tango Weekend.


To experience first-hand the feeling of freedom that improvising without thinking and deeply connecting with the music provides - and to take real, tangible steps to offering a beautiful embrace to your partners.


Should you choose to accept our invitation, we personally guarantee that these 3 days will be completely and utterly transformative for your tango dancing. 


We look forward to meeting you personally at the Intensive Tango Weekend. 

 Big hugs, 

Pablo & Anne


"Before, I always thought "I have to follow" and my dancing partner tells me what to do…

And then suddenly I was like "wow, I can do things, I can put impulses... that was so great...that was like opening everything for me.

And now I am so passionate, this is my great passion of life, now.

From now on, I will be more connected to the music, and this gives the magic to it. This is really something that I wish for everyone"

 - Annette




"Throughout covid, I lost a lot of my energy, my technique... so I was really looking forward to be re-grounded in tango again. Taking me step by step through the technicalities, the basics, all the way back to the move & the musicality.

For me, it was almost a rebirth of tango."


"What (Anne) told me about using my back. It really clicked and improved our connection so much. it made a big difference for both of us."

- Mosta & Meredith



My tango was a bit unpredictable before. I couldn't judge how a particular move would turn out reliably. 

I am finally feeling ok with the close embrace. I'm definitely going to more milongas now. 

- Ben Greener



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