Feel & Express The Tango Music  

Complete Tango Musicality Formula

The step-by-step musicality programme designed for tango dancers:

Understand, feel & express tango music without being stuck in your head thinking about the steps, feeling pressure to 'entertain your partner', or having to know all the songs by heart

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been dancing tango for a while, here’s the truth: 


Being stuck in your head, thinking, instead of being in the flow of the music steals the joy of dancing! 

After all, we all start tango looking for an outlet for creative expression. And without the music, there is no dancing. 

But you might feel confused about tango music. 

Or maybe, you‚Äôre always trying to ‚Äėanticipate‚Äô what comes next in the song, and can‚Äôt be in the flow of the music.¬†

Or, you know there’s a lot more you could add to your dancing,but aren’t sure what, or how!

If that‚Äôs the case ‚ÄĒ The Complete Tango Musicality Formula is the roadmap you need to understand, feel and express the tango music.¬†

Are you ready to develop the most important skill a dancer needs? The one that will make all your dances 100% more enjoyable - whoever you are dancing with?

By the end of the Complete Tango Musicality Formula

you will…


  • Easily recognise the style of a song

    so you can adapt your dancing to it without having to know all the songs by heart
  • Know what movement you can do when, depending on the music

    So you're not stuck in your head trying to anticipate what comes next, and stay in the flow of the music instead
  • Confidently decide which layer of the music¬†to dance to

    and thus fully express yourself while clearly communicating how you feel the music to your partner
  • Gently influence your partner's musicality

    So that you are finding the right balance between adding more of yourself to the dance and giving them the space to express themselves too
  • Have easy guidelines to dance to the most influential tango orchestras

    So you know what to listen for when you're dancing to the most iconic songs of tango music, and how to express them
  • Dance fluidly to the most complex phrasing of tango music

    So you feel confident when creative conductors like Troilo or Pugliese break the rules and invite you to do the same
  • Feel confident¬†dancing to the fast AND the slow music

    No more skipping a tanda because the music is too fast or too melodic. We'll show you easy ways to express yourself even when the songs get challenging

Michael Grandcolas

Now,  I have a great framework to listen to the different orchestras  and most importantly as a dancer I've learned which kind of movements go best with different orchestras and different parts of songs.

I know what to listen for in the music, when the orchestra is suggesting  linear movements, or circular, when to pause or listen.


You created a system, a structure that allows me to hear a song, even if I didn't hear it before, and looking at the musical elements, understand what style it belongs to, and therefore, how it should be danced

I now have a tool that I can use on my own, way long after the course has finished

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Course start date: 12th February 2024

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This course has taught me to recognize musicality in others. I can tell what they are listening to. It helps me to connect with, and complement their interpretation

- Lori Altamura


Now, we both have a much better ear for what is happening in the song, and how to dance to the different musical elements. 

Now we see that a musical and sensual dance can be performed with minimal "vocabulary", by using the dynamics of the simple steps to illustrate the music

- Peter & Jane Sapin


Neither of us is musically trained, and our musicality is based on listening, responding and intuition rather than detailed knowledge. The clear explanations and beautiful dancing in the CTMF gave us so much clarity.

We feel we have gained such a valuable insight into Tango music, and our new understanding has given us a better appreciation of it.

- Clare Sherwood & John Brown


¬†There was a gap ‚Äď between what I did physically, sensually when I danced, and what I learned. It wasn‚Äôt good.

Then, you came and bridged it. You made me understand that the more knowledge, the more pleasure…

I take more pleasure in dancing, and my partner too…

- Michel


 Now I have a better understanding of Tango

The CTMF has exceeded my expectations.These sessions have provided me with a clear road map to continue progressing on my goal to master this dance. I now have a better understanding of Tango dancing: It is not a random event, but a synchronization and understanding with your partner and the rest of the dancers in a milonga. It is something personal for you to enjoy with your partner

- Jimmy Andrade


We found that something was missing in our dancing. 

With the CTMF, we started to see Tango from a different view. 

We get more from the dancing trying to concentrate on the song and not so much on the steps. It have more fun having ideas to express the music. I feel that we started to dance to the music and not only making steps and combinations.

- Bettina & Tony Vivas


What’s Inside the Complete Tango Musicality Formula 

Module 1

The 7 Fundamental Principles of Tango Musicality

In this phase, we start by educating your ear. By learning about the key principles of musicality in tango dancing, you know what to listen for in a tango song, even if you've never hear if before! You are able to make decisions as a dancer, so you can adapt your movements and physicality to the music.


  • Hearing the phrasing of the music so you know how to dance to the phrase
  • Using the melody to architecture your dancing and telling a story throughout the song
  • Hearing the 5 different layers of tango music, so you can make¬†decisions about what musical element to dance and open your possibilities

  • Recognizing¬†the most common tango¬†instruments to decide what to dance to, and how

Module 2

Recognise The 3 Styles Of Tango Music & Dance To The Simple Songs of Guardia Vieja

In this phase, we teach you about the 3 styles of tango music. We also help you understand the principles of the Guardia Vieja music¬†so you can create your own guidelines when dancing to songs of this style. We start here as this is the ‚Äúeasiest style‚ÄĚ to recognize and adapt your dancing to.


  • Recognizing the 3 main styles of tango dancing and the tools you have to recognize the style
  • Feeling in your body how each style impacts your own musicality
  • How to recognize the Guardia Vieja songs and how this style impacts your embrace (and why)
  • The type of movements you want to do to feel comfortable on these orchestras

  • How to express your musicality without using decorations on this style

Module 3

Adapt your dancing to the rhythmic music of the Milonguero style

We go deep into the most rhythmic style, milonguero. After this module, you will know how to adapt your dancing to rhythmic tango, and how you can bring sophistication to your dancing without always dancing to the beat.

You’ll also have developed clear guidelines to use whenever you hear this style of music in a milonga.


  • How to recognize Tango Milonguero style and the difference with Guardia Vieja
  • How to adapt your embrace to the milonguero style (and how followers can use it to influence the dance)

  • Why and how your physicality is the main change to do on rhythmic tango music

  • The type of steps for milonguero orchestras (what to do when, including when the singer comes)

Module 4

Express yourself on melodic music & develop guidelines for Tango Salon


In this module, we help you adapt your dancing to the most ‚Äėelegant‚Äô and precise tango music. By learning to recognize the most important instruments, you learn what to do when, to be on the music. The goal here is to help you truly embrace the elegance suggested by these orchestras.


  • What the Tango Salon style is, how to recognize it, and what the main orchestras are

  • How to adapt your dancing to this style of music (style of embrace and steps) so you embody the elegance suggested

  • How to decorate on the Salon style, and how it differs from milonguero decorations

Module 5

Embracing elegance & expressing sophistication with Di Sarli's music

We deep dive into the most refined and elegant tango orchestra: in this modules, we share guidelines for you to dance to Di Sarli's music. Nicknamed the 'Gentleman of tango' for the sophistication of his music, he has influenced countless other tango orchestras.


  • How Di Sarli developped a unique style that is still¬†danced to today all over the world
  • What to listen for (and dance to) in Di Sarli's music (including the little gifts he gives to both leaders & followers)
  • Why Di Sarli almost never used syncopation, and how this impacts your dancing
  • How to listen to the piano on Di Sarli and what you can do to express it
Module 6

Embrace speed and express the hidden subtleties of Juan D'Arienzo' music (+ some tricks to make dancing easy when the music gets fast)

In this module, we show you how to express the energetic music of one of tango music's most charismatic orchestra conductor. Juan D'Arienzo (or 'the King of the beat) has influenced countless other orchestras with his rhythmic style, but there is a lot more to his music - and as a dancer, you don't want to miss the subtleties and richness of offers us!


  • Developing guidelines to dance on the ‚Äúking‚ÄĚ of rhythmic tango music: Juan D‚Äôarienzo
  • How to feel comfortable dancing to Juan D'Arienzo, even when the music goes "too fast"
  • The gifts in the music and the types of decorations you can do in D'Arienzo's style
  • ¬†
Module 7

Embrace complexity and dancing to the singer, with Troilo’s music

By then, you are at a more advanced level of understanding of the tango music, and we can go deep into the songs with complex musicality. You can start expressing yourself on the songs of orchestras such as Anibal Troilo’s, whose musicality is extremely nuanced and who gives prominence to the singers.


  • How some orchestras use different styles and what to do then

  • Recognizing Troilo‚Äôs musicality

  • Developing guidelines to adapt your dancing to songs with ‚Äúmore complex‚ÄĚ musicality

  • How to dance to the singer

  • How daring followers can catch the little, less obvious ‚Äúgifts‚ÄĚ in the music

Module 8

Break the rules and reach the highest level of expression in tango music (deep dive in Pugliese)

At this stage, you are ready to embrace the most expressive music of Osvaldo Pugliese. We help you understand his musical style so you have the tools you need to find your highest level of self-expression on his music (hint: like him, we’ll break of lot of rules here!). This is where a dancer’s musicality reaches its most personal level.


  • How Pugliese expanded the Tango Salon style and broke its rules

  • What makes Pugliese‚Äôs music so unique (the different musical elements and the types of instruments)

  • How to reach your full level of self-expression and originality on this music

  • Why your embrace changes dramatically on Pugliese‚Äôs music and the types of steps that match it

  • The types of decorations leaders and followers can use on this music

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


Complete Tango Musicality Formula
(A £720 Value)


  • 8 easy-to-follow modules

    teaching you, step-by-step, everything you need to understand, feel and express the tango music - even when you're dancing to someone you don't know

  • Special playlists with the most iconic tango songs

    so you can educate your ear for the structure and phrasing of a song, and develop your intuitive understanding of the music 
  • Guidelines to¬†dance fluidly to the 4 most important orchestras

    We tell you what to listen for in the 4 most influential orchestras so you can express the subtleties of their music
  • Inspiring demonstrations on how you can express¬†different songs

    What does this make possible? Turn this into a reason to celebrate.
  • Individual exercises to¬†train your musical expression¬†

    So you can and feel confident dancing to music you don't know 

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Develop Your Creativity & Musical Expression


Bonus 1

8 live Q&A sessions to help you get unstuck & learn faster

Get all of your questions answered at our weekly live Q&A sessions. Live feeling inspired and ready to start expressing the music confidently.

(A £280 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 8 live 1-hour Q&A sessions (one per week) to make sure you get all your questions answered and feel supported throughout your Tango Confidence Online Course journey

  • ¬†Lifetime access to the recorded Q&A sessions' videos

Bonus 2

Fast-music Deep Dive: 5 Easy Steps To Dance To Fast Music 

Discover our best easy steps for when the music is fast. Get the boost you need to dance with ease to the fast rhythms of Juan D'Arienzo and the milonguero style!

(A £75 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • A detailed breakdown of the lead and following techniques for 5 easy steps you can use to dance fluidly when the music gets fast
Bonus 3

Decorations training: When & How To Decorate In The Dance 

 An overview of when and how you can add decorations in the dancing, whether you are a leader or a follower

(A £59 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • The 2 moments to decorate when dancing
  • Whether your partner should know about your decorating, or not, in the dancing
  • How to decorate:¬†
    • 2 examples as a follower
    • 2 examples as a leader

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Complete Tango Musicality Formula - £780 Value

  • Bonus 1: 8 live Q&A sessions -¬†¬£280 Value
  • Bonus 2: Fast-music Deep Dive: 5 Easy Steps To Dance To Fast Music
    - £75 Value
  • Bonus 3: Decorations training:¬†When & How To Decorate In The Dance¬†
    - £59 Value

Total Value: £1134

When you add it all up, that’s a value of £1134

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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The ‚ÄėI‚Äôm a musical dancer‚Äô Guarantee

In ‚ÄúExpress & Understand: The Complete Tango Musicality Formula‚ÄĚ you will educate your musical ear, recognize the styles of tango music, and discover guidelines on how to adapt your dancing to any song.¬†

You will broaden your culture of tango music, discover your personal dancing style, and be invited to ‚Äúbreak the rules‚ÄĚ to reach your highest level of self-expression.

Now, here’s the thing.

We know that getting you there will require work on your part, and want to make sure this is for you.

Here’s how:

By the end of the first 14 days of starting the course, you will have received access to the first 2 modules of the course, as well as the "Bonus Inspiration module".

Meaning, you’ll have discovered the 7 fundamental principles of tango musicality, developed your ear for the 3 styles of tango music, and dived deep into the Guardia Vieja style.

You’ll also have received the playlists with the songs we’ll have studied so far.

If, by then, you don‚Äôt feel that you are well on your way to¬†express yourself when dancing‚Ķ simply reach to us at¬†[email protected]¬†before the end of those¬†14 days.

Confirm to us that you’ve watched the lessons of the 1st two modules in full, and we’ll refund you your investment.

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Enroll in the Complete Tango Musicality Formula Today

Only open for enrollment once a year

Course start date: 12th February 2024

3 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



The Complete Tango Musicality Formula is PERFECT for you if…

  1.  You’re just getting started with tango musicality and want to do it right… By using a clear, step-by-step approach that helps you know exactly what to do, and why, when you step on the dancefloor, even if the song that is playing is new to you.

  2. You‚Äôve been trying to learn tango musicality for a while.¬†But you don‚Äôt feel that you‚Äôre yet at a level where you can confidently express yourself, especially when dancing with a new partner. You‚Äôre looking for clear guidelines that will help you ‚Äėsimplify‚Äô your approach to tango musicality

  3. You love tango but feel that there is something lacking in your knowledge. You have a sense that you have more potential for self-expression than what you are currently doing. You sense that learning about musicality will help you feel more confident and daring on the dancefloor. 

  4. You know that tango dancing is demanding, and you’re willing to learn: Especially if you know that what us or other teachers are sharing with you will help you think less when dancing, and be more in the flow of the music. 
  5. In fact, you’re already investing time and energy each week actively trying to master tango musicality: And you’re passionate about it. Only problem is, without clarity about the tango styles and how to recognize the different orchestras, you’re left with lots of open questions and don’t feel that you can fully express the music the way you want to yet.
  6. You‚Äôre sometimes worried about being ‚Äúboring‚ÄĚ when dancing and care about how your partners feel in your embrace:¬†You don‚Äôt want to be someone who always dance in the same way. Instead, you want your partners to love dancing with you! The Complete Tango Musicality Formula shows you how to make even the simplest steps more musical‚Ķ and, thus make your dancing more exciting for your partner.
  7. You‚Äôre ready to focus less on the steps and more on the music:¬†You‚Äôre just not sure where to start, as it feels that there is so much to learn. You want a clear ‚Äúshortcut‚ÄĚ to go from being confused to being able to dance to the music.
  8. You know about the styles of tango music and want to recognize a song’s style instantly: You’re excited about recognizing a song’s style instantly, so that you can quickly adapt your embrace and your steps to the music.

Hi, we're Pablo & Anne

Combined, we have over 27 years of tango teaching experience 

And during that time we have helped thousands of students all over the world.

As tango-music lovers, we have also found the fastest way to help our students feel creative and musical when dancing tango. 

Our focus is on clarifying the complexity of tango dancing, and sharing our knowledge in simple, easily understandable bites. 

And if you've decided that now is the time for you to finally feel free to improvise express the tango music, well... we can't wait to share all our tips with you!

Enroll in the Complete Tango Musicality Formula Today

Only open for enrollment once a year

Course start date: 12th February 2024

3 Monthly Payments of




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